New 5/8" Series Polyurethane Garden Hose

January 08, 2014

New 5/8" series polyurethane garden hose launch - February 4th.  When you want one-tough-hose that delivers maximum water flow and top-notch performance - look no further.  Engineered with an impressive 500 PSI burst pressure.  Equipped with the ultimate, rugged, chrome brass fittings. Manufactured with off-the-charts 5200 PSI tensile strength resin. And topped off with industry leading polyurethane faucet-flex-guards.  This hose is the real deal.  The best cold weather hose you can buy.  Our polyurethane hose is rated to -40F and stays very, very flexible. 

Available Colors: Black Granite, Olive, Eggplant.  Comes in 50 and 100 ft lengths.  

And as always - Water Right Hose is made with 100% Virgin Polyurethane.  Is Drinking water safe. And is proudly Made in the USA. 

No PVC. No Lead. No Phthalates. No BPA in this puppy.