What our customers are saying....

Gail Already have one of your hoses purchased several years ago. I take it with me to gardening jobs because I cannot handle the thick, heavy hoses anymore.
Beth Thank you for making such fabulous hoses!



A few months ago my uncle was visiting me in Virginia and he noticed my eggplant waterright hose. Ironically he has the same hose back home in San Diego.  I absolutely love the 400 series. I am planning on getting a 500 before next spring! 
James The best garden hose
Crystal Love your soakers for my garden !
Priscilla We've been so happy with the hoses we bought a couple of years ago. Our property-mate says they-re the best hoses she's ever used! Thanks :)
Sheri I have two of your hoses, plus the soakers hoses. You have the BEST hoses ever!!! My goal is to replace all the hoses we have with yours. Thank you for making such an amazing product.
Sonia I absolutely love that your hoses are drinking water safe as my baby daughter absolutely loooves to play with water in our yard!
Andrew I have purchased several hoses from you over the years and I am very satisfied with your products.
Rob Love your products. Thanks
Monty I purchased a 100’ olive green hose from you over a year ago and I still really enjoy it.
Galen I’ve purchased 2 of your 400 series hoses and think they are fantastic.
Roz I bought 3 garden hoses from you a few years ago. Two for me and one for my sister. They are going great.
Stephen I recently have a 25' 500 series hose that I'm very happy with and I expect to buy a longer one as well.
Wendy I have a 500 series 1/2 dia. hose and a 600 series 5/8 dia. hose and love them!
Sarah thank you so much for doing what you do! xox
Darryl we currently have 4 of your hoses for our property. they are great!
Kurt Hi, I ordered one of your 100' hoses and it's great.
Beth I bought the 400 series as a Christmas gift for myself and love it! best hose I’ve ever had.
Shelly I have your soaker hoses in all my raised beds and love them.
Tim Love your hoses and I hate hoses! Had one on my boat for years but it went with the boat when I sold it. I now have half a dozen of the hoses on my ranch. They get a lot of use.
Jamie We love your hoses.
Georgia I purchased your PSH-100-ES and PSH-25-ES back in June 2012 which I believe are the 400 series hose. I love these hoses because they are lightweight and easy to handle. My hoses are still in great shape.
Amy thank you for a great product that performs its task perfectly while letting me feel better about my dog’s insatiable thirst to chase the water.
Keith I have been using your soaker hoses for a year or 2, and just purchased a few more lengths. Love it.
M Katz I have had several of your hoses for many years and love them.
Jessica Hi there, I just purchased one of your soaker hoses from gardeners.com and am planning on ordering a bunch more - they are great!
Steve I have one of your hoses and love it.
Mary I purchased 2 of your hoses 4 years ago from Frontgate Catalog. I absolutely love them!
Joanne I recently purchased two 50 ft soaker hoses from you (we love them)
Nanci Hello! I have the mini coiled indoor water hose and LOVE it.
John I have owned your hoses for years and just bought two new ones.
Ess I’ve done extensive reviews in garden hoses and find your product to be everything I’d hoped for in a garden hose.
Steve I have a 500 series (1/2") in eggplant that I bought several years ago. It's great.
Toni My husband and I have purchased 3 hoses from you . We are extremely happy customers. 
Elizabeth I LOVE your hoses, great quality products!
Doug Hi, I have 2 of your hoses. They are a great product and my and others' favorite.
Kurtis Hi I've owned a 75 foot hose of yours for 8 years now. It's fantastic. Only hose I'll ever own again.
Dave I purchased the coil hose from you a few years ago and it's been a great hose.
Les Recently bought a 400 series hose. Loving it so far and thinking of getting another one for my neighbors.
Lori I'm very pleased with your hoses.
Lucy I have about 10 of your hoses, ordered over the years
Boris I recently bought 3 700 series soaker hoses that are 25 feet each. When I installed them and turned them on I was very pleased.
Tony I love your hoses and appreciate their high quality! 
Matthew I purchased one of your 50 ft hoses back in May 2020 and have been very pleased with it.
Tina My mother in law has one of your hoses & loves it!
Chelsea I have several Water Right soaker hoses that I use in my garden, and just purchased a second 50ft hose as well. I have a large garden set-up and am hoping to eventually replace all my hoses with Water Right hoses, as I appreciate the quality of your products (genuinely the BEST soaker hoses I have ever seen) and can feel good knowing they aren’t leaching chemicals into my plants.
Barbara Thanks for your help and making a good product!
Michael I have purchased your hoses in the past and love them
Christa I have a number of your hoses and LOVE them.
Maryellen thank you for making a safe product to use in an organic garden!!
Terra I LOVE your hoses
Patty Water Right makes the best and longest lasting product
Deborah I bought and loved your mini coil hose with sprayer for my small greenhouse.
Justin I own two of your hoses (400 Series) and am very happy with both.
Claude and Ronja We are really happy that we finally found your healty 400 Series PU Hose.
Julie I want to thank you for making a safe, environmentally friendly product. Products like this are hard to find and I am so thankful to have something that I feel safe using around my family.
Lisa I am the happy owner of two of your hoses and am looking to purchase 3 more.
Lois My new hoses arrived yesterday! That was SO FAST! Thank you! Also I appreciate that you read my note and put two teal rather than navy blue hoses in the box. I love the color. I've unwound them and look forward to using them. My neighbors have been using the 400 series for 2-3 years now and love them. They recommended them.
Sheri I just love that you have PVC free hoses!!! It seems like no one else does. I want to use all your hoses for my garden
Patricia I have had one of your 100 ft. Hoses for several years now and I love it
Tonia So grateful for people like you who have been willing to do the hard work of living your values. So happy to know you are Oregonians.
Pauline I bought your hose last year. Love it.
J We installed a new 50' soaker hose in our Community Organic Gardens. This was a first for us, as we did not want to add toxins to organic produce. Thanks to Water Right we now have a safe option.
John I renovated my soaker hoses with your product a couple of years ago and I love them!
Martha Love your hoses. So happy with the soakers hoses and leaders.
March I've been truly enjoying using the two hoses I purchased 4 years ago on your website, and even bought another from Gardener's Supply.
Mitzi Hi. I would like to thank you for what you do by providing a healthy and durable hose. They are so difficult to find!
Dan  I bought one of these from Amazon and have been very impressed with it. I like quality and I like things that last and work! Thanks.
Steven I have your coil hose and the older model of the sprayer with the walnut handle and although I have learned a coil hose is not for me, I use them both everyday because of the thought you guys put into keeping the water that comes out safe. Thank you for the peace of mind and making garden products that are health concious.
Daryl I am a repeat customer and love you guys. We have a few RV sites at our bed and breakfast in northern Idaho.
Jeff Love your hoses ! We have them at our homes and recently got my mom hooked on them.
Theodore Glad you guys are still in business because the hoses kick ass. I'm replacing my worn hoses and of course the Water Rights are as good as new. Thanks for making awesome hoses 
Alexandra I own two of your soaker hoses and two of the 400 series hoses and absolutely love them.
Pat I purchased one of your 50 foot 400 series garden hoses in cranberry and I love it
Eric I bought your Watering Wand from a local shop many years ago. I enjoyed it.
Judy i've got lots of your hose in orange, great hose! keep up the good work! 
Rodney I’ve had your hoses for years. I just leave them outside where they are exposed to sun and run over by UTV s all the time. They look just like the did that I bought them. Family that have grown up since kids have began to notice. I sought you out because I was tired of buying water hose every couple of years. Your product is money in the bank.
Seth Thanks for the care you so obviously put into your products.
Brian These hoses are incredible and I'm beyond happy with them.
Carolee I am so happy to find your site! I’ve been looking for high quality American made lead free hoses for a long time.
Jessica I have several of your hoses and absolutely love them.
Darren Thank you for making such a great hose.
Josh I recently came across your hoses after realizing that some soaker hoses (or even regular hoses) are more toxic than others. Yikes! Better late to the party then never, I suppose.
Stephanie I was excited to find your American-made, drinking-water safe products online!
Alia Thank you for putting customers first and safety as well!
Vida Hi, very happy to own your hoses!
Marianne I recently purchased 2 of your 25' soaker hoses and excellent!
Janice I love your hoses I own four of them.  Thanks for making fantastic light hoses. They make life in the garden so much easier.
Crystal We love your products
Beth I own one of your hoses which I absolutely love!
Vic I received your 50 foot 500 series hose as a gift and really like it.
Yao I'm sold on the quality of your products
George I just found out about your amazing hose company from a garden supply website, only to find out that you're an Oregon company!
Randy I recently purchased a 25' 500 series green hose for my camper use. I'm quite impressed with the hose
Kimberly I love your hoses! Thank you for making them!
Carolyn I have many of your hoses and want more
Max I loved my Water Right hose so much I bought a second and also told all my friends about it. You guys are providing a valuable service by providing non-toxic hoses. Thank you
Ian I purchased 2 of your 600 series hoses w/ stainless steel fittings in August or September of 2019 - one 100 ft and one 50ft both 600 series w/stainless steel fittings and have been extremely happy with my water right hoses.
Pat I have several Water Right hoses that I truly love.
Andy We have loved our 400 series 7/16” slim garden hose for many years now.
Dave Luv your products.
Hannah I love your hoses! I use them to run water to my trailer, and it's great to trust that they are healthy for me to drink out of.
Kevin I love your hoses. I have them all over my yard.
Karen I have purchased a couple of hoses from you guys and they are very nice.
Michael Love your hose!
Dena So happy to have found you!
Suzanne I bought (2) 100 ft hoses from Earth easy. We love them!
John I have an eggplant 75" Water Right hose that I've had for > 5 years and is still performing wonderfully.
Melinda I bought a 75 ft. 7/16" Water Right hose last spring and love it.
Herbert We just purchased your eggplant -500 series hose and it is beautiful!
Ken I bought 2x100' of your straw color soaker hoses from Amazon because of the fact that I loved the product for its nontoxic nature. After receiving them I was even more impressed by the quality and functionality of the design. I have had no problems for the past 2 years
Mark I have three of your hoses and love them all… I’ve even bought some for family members.
Melanie I own many of your great hoses
Kathryn I love my Water Right hoses that I bought on Amazon 3-1/2 years ago.
Paul  We are impressed with the three hoses we've bought from you over the years.
Kevin I have several of your products and find them to every bit as advertised.
Hilarion I own two long water right hoses and love them.
Mark I purchased two 50 foot P42-100-MG-A garden hoses last year for my wife for Christmas and she loved them. Both the color and light weight made her happy.
Jay I have one of your 400 series hoses, it is wonderful!
Davis I LOVE that my soaker hose does not bind.
Brian I purchased your 500 series hose in copper and have loved using it as the supply line for our RV for the past few years.
Storm A few months ago my uncle was visiting me in Virginia and he noticed my eggplant waterright hose. Ironically he has the same hose back home in San Diego.  I absolutely love the 400 series. I am planning on getting a 500 before next spring!