The New Standard

Water Right manufactures garden hose using world-class polyurethane resins.  Not regrind, not blends, and not off-specification grades of plastic.  We use 100% prime polyurethane that is engineered for us and it bridges the gap between rubber and plastic allowing us to make the world's finest garden hose. 

We use only drinking water safe compounds that meet both FDA and NSF standards for drinking water.  Our hose is completely toxin-free and is recognized for its durability, safety and its top-tier industrial design. 

Our coil hose is made from those same materials and are resistant to kinking.  We use up to 50% more polyurethane material to give our hose superior "coil integrity," which equates to great rebounding and long-lasting performance.

Our hose fittings and thermoplastic rubber washers are engineered to commercial standards.

CNC-machined threads provide solid connections to hose attachments and faucets and prevent leaks.

We use a 100% lead free brass alloy which meets EPA requirements for drinking water.

Our Trivalent chrome plating is environmentally-safe and provides a super hard, non-corrosive. long-lasting finish.

Made from an advanced grade of polyurethane, our specially molded strain reliefs provide great support and flexibility at both coil ends to completely prevent hose-kink and water leaks.

With exacting tolerances, and specially formulated materials, our hose washers don't fail.  Now who does stuff like that? 

Water Right.