Water Right Polyurethane Soaker Hose is everything you've ever wanted in a soaker: precisely controlled water delivery, consistent water weep from end to end, great flexibility without hose kink, superb lay-flat properties, easy maneuvering, slow root-zone watering. Combine that with a super earthy matte finish that virtually disappears in any landscape and you have another garden hose game changer by Water Right.

Important Notes: If you have hard water we recommend using some sort of water filtration device between your faucet and your hose. Calcium and other minerals (over time) can begin to close the "weeping holes" in the soaker hose and ultimately compromise the soaker hose's performance.  The  RV industry has many different types of water filtration devices available.

Secondly.  We strongly recommend keeping all lawn chemicals away from our soaker hoses.  Many are extremely harsh and can attack the hose quite aggressively, thus compromising its performance and structural integrity.